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Physics news, 2024                                        back to mamwad

XN-1029 (2024/07/18) pdf observation of a rare hyperon decay
XN-1028 (2024/07/11) pdf a solar desalinator
XN-1027 (2024/07/04) pdf measuring the speed of sound in a quark-gluon plasma
XN-1026 (2024/06/27) pdf an exceptional nano resonator
XN-1025 (2024/06/20) pdf rate of wing- or fin-flapping in animals
XN-1024 (2024/06/13) pdf manipulating big and irregular bodies, with optical tweezers
XN-1023 (2024/06/06) pdf calculating the radius of the nucleus more exactly
XN-1022 (2024/05/30) pdf earth's magnetic field in the past
XN-1021 (2024/05/23) pdf a water ocean on Pluto

XN-1020 (2024/05/16) pdf an earth-sized exoplanet
XN-1019 (2024/05/09) pdf detection of a rare decay mode of Potassium 40
XN-1018 (2024/05/02) pdf a massive stellar black-hole
XN-1017 (2024/04/25) pdf a prorton-antiproton bound state?
XN-1016 (2024/04/19) pdf towards a more accurate clock
XN-1015 (2024/04/11) pdf stars that have swallowed a planet
XN-1014 (2024/04/05) pdf large magnetic fields with high temperature superconductors
XN-1013 (2024/03/29) pdf towards a more precise measurement of he anomalous magnetic moment of tau?
XN-1012 (2024/03/22) pdf a lower bound for the decay time of an isotope of Tantalum
XN-1011 (2024/03/15) pdf cooling positronium

XN-1010 (2024/03/09) pdf the first observation of a special form of a bottom-containing meson
XN-1009 (2024/03/02) pdf magnetometry at high pressure
XN-1008 (2024/02/24) pdf a kink in the cosmic-ray spectrum
XN-1007 (2024/02/17) pdf a semiconductor based on graphene 
XN-1006 (2024/02/12) pdf free quarks inside the cores of neutron stars?
XN-1005 (2024/02/03) pdf a magnet from a paramagnet
XN-1004 (2024/01/29) pdf accelerating to 10 G e V, with a tabletop accelerator
XN-1003 (2024/01/20) pdf a portable optical clock
XN-1002 (2024/01/15) pdf scandium holds the record of superconductivity transition temperature for elements
XN-1001 (2024/01/08) pdf a system of six planets with harmonic periods

Physics news, 2023                                        back to mamwad

XN-1000 (2023/12/30) pdf the iron of the earth's inner core
XN-0999 (2023/12/27) pdf an extremely energetic cosmic particle
XN-0998 (2023/12/18) pdf a smaller core for Mars
XN-0997 (2023/12/12) pdf accelerating electrons, using laser
XN-0996 (2023/12/04) pdf superconductivity of two-dimensional aluminium hydride
XN-0995 (2023/11/28) pdf resonant excitation of a nuclear transition, and precise clocks
XN-0994 (2023/11/23) pdf precise measurement of the strength of the strong interaction
XN-0993 (2023/11/16) pdf rogue planetary binaries
XN-0992 (2023/11/08) pdf precise measurement of fluctuations of the earth's rotation
XN-0991 (2023/11/02) pdf the jet of M87 precesses

XN-0990 (2023/10/24) pdf antimatter too falls
XN-0989 (2023/10/19) pdf a magnetic field in a distant galaxy
XN-0988 (2023/10/12) pdf the chemistry Nobel prize in 2023
XN-0987 (2023/10/05) pdf the physics Nobel prize in 2023
XN-0986 (2023/09/29) pdf an earth-size planet beyond Neptune?
XN-0985 (2023/09/22) pdf oxygen-28 is not doubly magic
XN-0984 (2023/09/15) pdf a drag bigger than expected, for a partially submerged object
XN-0983 (2023/09/08) pdf a supercapacitor based on cement
XN-0982 (2023/09/01) pdf crack propagation faster than expected
XN-0981 (2023/08/25) pdf a new upper limit for the electric dipole of the electron

XN-0980 (2023/08/19) pdf intrinsic dipole moment of the muon
XN-0979 (2023/08/11) pdf tracking a chemical reaction in the sub-pico-second scale
XN-0978 (2023/08/06) pdf a cloak to control the temperature
XN-0977 (2023/07/31) pdf microsecond radio bursts
XN-0976 (2023/07/24) pdf controlling transparency with tension
XN-0975 (2023/07/17) pdf cooling with elasticity
XN-0974 (2023/07/10) pdf detection of high-energy neutrinos coming from the Milky Way
XN-0973 (2023/07/02) pdf changing the sign of the thermal expansion coefficient, with a magnetic field
XN-0972 (2023/06/25) pdf a silicon solar cell with flexibility
XN-0971 (2023/06/19) pdf another superconductor: tantalum trihydride

XN-0970 (2023/06/12) pdf a small spectrometer
XN-0969 (2023/06/05) pdf laser switching of transparency
XN-0968 (2023/05/29) pdf measuring the Hubble parameter using gravitational lensing
XN-0967 (2023/05/22) pdf green hydrogen with a solar reactor
XN-0966 (2023/05/15) pdf an efficient and light thermal textile
XN-0965 (2023/05/08) pdf record energy density for lithium-ion batteries
XN-0964 (2023/05/01) pdf giant magnetoresistance in graphene
XN-0963 (2023/04/24) pdf imaging the flame with a record breaking camera
XN-0962 (2023/04/17) pdf boron-hydrogen fusion with magnetic confinement
XN-0961 (2023/04/10) pdf superconductivity near room temperature

XN-0960 (2023/04/03) pdf change of the period of an astroid as a result of an impact
XN-0959 (2023/03/27) pdf spiral arms around a protostar
XN-0958 (2023/03/21) pdf a binary expected to become a kilonova
XN-0957 (2023/03/13) pdf a very narrow electron pulse
XN-0956 (2023/03/06) pdf a small narrow-band tunable laser, from near infrared to near ultraviolet
XN-0955 (2023/02/27) pdf a solar cell with a phase junction
XN-0954 (2023/02/21) pdf the tallest volcano plume ever seen
XN-0953 (2023/02/13) pdf decimeter precision with earth-based positioning
XN-0952 (2023/02/07) pdf direct measurement of the fine structure constant
XN-0951 (2023/01/31) pdf radiation from a star very near a black-hole

XN-0950 (2023/01/24) pdf data transmission record with a single source
XN-0949 (2023/01/18) pdf an earth-size exo-planet
XN-0948 (2023/01/10) pdf high-precision dissemination of frequency standard in a long distance
XN-0947 (2023/01/05) pdf a very small binary system

Physics news, 2022                                        back to mamwad

XN-0946 (2022/12/29) pdf constructing superhydrophobic surfaces using sandpaper
XN-0945 (2022/12/21) pdf a terahertz switch at room temperature
XN-0944 (2022/12/14) pdf ignition point in nuclear fusion
XN-0943 (2022/12/07) pdf fast charging lithium batteries
XN-0942 (2022/11/30) pdf the mass width of the Higgs boson
XN-0941 (2022/11/23) pdf a neutron-rich isotope of sodium

XN-0940 (2022/11/16) pdf measuring the strong coupling parameter versus energy
XN-0939 (2022/11/09) pdf the Microscope mission confirms the equivalence principle
XN-0938 (2022/11/02) pdf a large low-density exoplanet
XN-0937 (2022/10/26) pdf a star black-hole in the Milky Way
XN-0936 (2022/10/20) pdf discovery of a high-energy gamma-ray burst
XN-0935 (2022/10/11) pdf the chemistry Nobel prize in 2022
XN-0934 (2022/10/05) pdf the physics Nobel prize in 2022
XN-0933 (2022/09/29) pdf the decay of beryllium-11 is a two-stage process
XN-0932 (2022/09/22) pdf sucrose and improvement of zinc batteries
XN-0931 (2022/09/15) pdf the grow of the earth's crust, and the effect of the arms of the Milky Way

XN-0930 (2022/09/08) pdf a ring of light around a black hole
XN-0929 (2022/09/01) pdf charging slippery surfaces, using light
XN-0928 (2022/08/25) pdf discovering brown dwarfs in binary systems
XN-0927 (2022/08/18) pdf danger of falling space debris, is serious for humans
XN-0926 (2022/08/12) pdf a superconductor based on manganese
XN-0925 (2022/08/05) pdf discovery of an isolated compact star
XN-0924 (2022/07/29) pdf discovery of the tetraneutron
XN-0923 (2022/07/22) pdf a flexible LED which emits warm white
XN-0922 (2022/07/16) pdf charging lithium batteries in the cold
XN-0921 (2022/07/08) pdf speed record for logic gates

XN-0920 (2022/07/01) pdf extracting water in low humidity
XN-0919 (2022/06/24) pdf slowest pulsar ever detected
XN-0918 (2022/06/17) pdf high-temperature superconductivity in a calcium hydride
XN-0917 (2022/06/10) pdf inconsistency in measuring the Hubble parameter
XN-0916 (2022/06/03) pdf x ray from a nova detected
XN-0915 (2022/05/27) pdf a paper semiconductor
XN-0914 (2022/05/20) pdf a manganese mineral with a large heat-storage
XN-0913 (2022/05/14) pdf an image of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way
XN-0912 (2022/05/08) pdf increasing convection in fluids by oscillating the temperature difference
XN-0911 (2022/05/01) pdf increasing light absorbance in ultra-thin solar panels

XN-0910 (2022/04/24) pdf is the measured value for the mass of the W boson inconsistent with the theoretical prediction?
XN-0909 (2022/04/18) pdf a very short half life for proton emission
XN-0908 (2022/04/11) pdf an extreme extrasolar planet
XN-0907 (2022/04/05) pdf measuring the gravitational red shift in a very small distance
XN-0906 (2022/03/28) pdf an electrically-controlled liquid lens
XN-0905 (2022/03/21) pdf a solitary black hole in the Milky Way?
XN-0904 (2022/03/15) pdf a very thin solar cell
XN-0903 (2022/03/08) pdf a storing solar cell
XN-0902 (2022/03/02) pdf a very rapidly-spinning white dwarf
XN-0901 (2022/02/23) pdf the absolute value of the charge-to-mass ratio is the same for antiproton and proton

XN-0900 (2022/02/16) pdf magnetic levitation in a large volume
XN-0899 (2022/02/10) pdf evidence for tetraneutron?
XN-0898 (2022/02/04) pdf a two-sided fabric that can be both cool and warm
XN-0897 (2022/01/29) pdf a cellulose-based electrolyte for lithium batteries
XN-0896 (2022/01/22) pdf a fast and clean method for mining electronic waste
XN-0895 (2022/01/17) pdf Pauli blocking observed in degenerate fermionic gases
XN-0894 (2022/01/10) pdf new record for x-ray 3D imaging
XN-0893 (2022/01/02) pdf an LED that bends

Physics news, 2021                                        back to mamwad

XN-0892 (2021/12/27) pdf the James Webb Space Telescope was launched
XN-0891 (2021/12/20) pdf metal ions in the atmosphere of a hot Jupiter

XN-0890 (2021/12/13) pdf building smooth carbon nano-ribbons, with pressing
XN-0889 (2021/12/08) pdf carbon fiber is not electrically-isotropic
XN-0888 (2021/12/03) pdf record for a strain sensor
XN-0887 (2021/11/24) pdf a fast and low-power transistor
XN-0886 (2021/11/18) pdf a substance which changes color with stress
XN-0885 (2021/11/15) pdf laser with a twist of layers of a photonic crystal
XN-0884 (2021/11/08) pdf neutron charge radius, and restriction of a fifth force, with neutron interferometry 
XN-0883 (2021/11/01) pdf structural color with fast switching 
XN-0882 (2021/10/29) pdf a fabric that becomes stiffer when pressurized
XN-0881 (2021/10/18) pdf low-temperature record for a Bose-Einstein condensate

XN-0880 (2021/10/11) pdf the chemistry Nobel prize in 2021
XN-0879 (2021/10/08) pdf the physics Nobel prize in 2021
XN-0878 (2021/10/04) pdf a new method for cooling charged particles
XN-0877 (2021/09/27) pdf an efficient polycrystalline thermoelectric
XN-0876 (2021/09/21) pdf a precise quantum sensor
XN-0875 (2021/09/16) pdf an astroid with a metallic surface?
XN-0874 (2021/09/11) pdf a new cooling material for chips
XN-0873 (2021/09/07) pdf measuring the position beyond the diffraction limit
XN-0872 (2021/08/28) pdf detecting faraway planetary nebulae
XN-0871 (2021/08/22) pdf a solid with a very low thermal conductivity
XN-0870 (2021/08/17) pdf superconductivity in large magnetic field, in multi-layer graphene
XN-0869 (2021/08/10) pdf flexible ice microfibers
XN-0868 (2021/08/03) pdf an opto-refrigerative tweezer
XN-0867 (2021/07/27) pdf drag in graphene as a result of the electron's motion
XN-0866 (2021/07/21) pdf a table-top laser generator for extreme UV
XN-0865 (2021/07/14) pdf a light sound insulator
XN-0864 (2021/07/08) pdf detection of the merging of a black hole with a neutron star
XN-0863 (2021/07/02) pdf observation of the oscillation between the charm meson and its anti-particle
XN-0862 (2021/06/25) pdf a guest in the Solar System
XN-0861 (2021/06/17) pdf great dimming of Betelgeuse

XN-0860 (2021/06/10) pdf a mirror with very small loss
XN-0859 (2021/06/04) pdf getting energy from WiFi signals
XN-0858 (2021/05/31) pdf longer life for lithium batteries
XN-0857 (2021/05/25) pdf observation of superfluidity in a two-dimensional gas of Fermions
XN-0856 (2021/05/21) pdf quantum entangling of macroscopic objects
XN-0855 (2021/05/13) pdf rotation rate record for brown dwarfs
XN-0854 (2021/05/10) pdf a particle filter with copper nanowire
XN-0853 (2021/05/03) pdf a highly sensitive laser accelerometer
XN-0852 (2021/04/27) pdf the most energetic gamma detected so far
XN-0851 (2021/04/20) pdf is the muon's magnetic moment inconsistent with the theory?

XN-0850 (2021/04/15) pdf superconductivity and the quantum Hall effect, simultaneously
XN-0849 (2021/04/09) pdf new physics from the decay of the b quark?
XN-0848 (2021/04/08) pdf porous electrode for a supercapacitor
XN-0847 (2021/03/31) pdf a space hurricane above the north pole
XN-0846 (2021/03/24) pdf the Glashow resonance was detected
XN-0845 (2021/03/18) pdf a long-life molecular qubit
XN-0844 (2021/03/11) pdf measuring the gravitational interaction between millimeter-sized bodies
XN-0843 (2021/03/05) pdf very-fast control of the magnetic state using light-induced phonons
XN-0842 (2021/02/26) pdf new evidence for the role of astroid collision in the extinction of dinosaurs
XN-0841 (2021/02/19) pdf warmer superconductor with three-layer graphene

XN-0840 (2021/02/12) pdf a nucleus with two strange quarks
XN-0839 (2021/02/06) pdf stabilizing perovskite solar cells with pressure and heat
XN-0838 (2021/02/01) pdf heat conductivity of cells
XN-0837 (2021/01/29) pdf a six-star system of eclipsing pairs
XN-0836 (2021/01/20) pdf large strain in diamond
XN-0835 (2021/01/15) pdf precise determination of the fine structure constant
XN-0834 (2021/01/10) pdf sub-Kelvin thermometry for microwave devices
XN-0833 (2021/01/04) pdf superlightning

Physics news, 2020                                        back to mamwad

XN-0832 (2020/12/30) pdf production of a neutron-rich isotope of tantalum
XN-0831 (2020/12/25) pdf a new value for the proton radius?

XN-0830 (2020/12/22) pdf a planet with supersonic winds, whose sky rains rocks
XN-0829 (2020/12/16) pdf an organic photodiode rivaling silicon diodes
XN-0828 (2020/12/09) pdf a record breaking metal-organic magnet
XN-0827 (2020/12/03) pdf speed record for three dimensional imaging
XN-0826 (2020/11/27) pdf measuring the energy of a very low energy nuclear transition
XN-0825 (2020/11/24) pdf a better battery, with black phosphorus
XN-0824 (2020/11/15) pdf superconductivity at room temperature?
XN-0823 (2020/11/10) pdf upper limit for the speed of sound
XN-0822 (2020/11/01) pdf precise measurement of the deuteron mass
XN-0821 (2020/10/28) pdf a giant planet in the orbit of a white dwarf

XN-0820 (2020/10/21) pdf a low-loss photonic waveguide
XN-0819 (2020/10/09) pdf high-speed active propulsion in a fluid
XN-0818 (2020/10/08) pdf the chemistry Nobel prize in 2020
XN-0817 (2020/10/07) pdf the physics Nobel prize in 2020
XN-0816 (2020/10/02) pdf bio-molecule in the atmosphere of Venus?
XN-0815 (2020/09/28) pdf a catalyst to make fuel using light
XN-0814 (2020/09/23) pdf LIGO-Virgo has detected the most massive black hole merger yet
XN-0813 (2020/09/14) pdf strong dependence of current on light in bi-layer graphene
XN-0812 (2020/09/07) pdf the so far most exact value for the ratio of the proton mass to the electron mass
XN-0811 (2020/09/01) pdf the first open-flavor tetraquark

XN-0810 (2020/08/25) pdf harvesting energy from ambient light, using solar cells
XN-0809 (2020/08/18) pdf detecting the natural modes of the oscillations of the atmosphere
XN-0808 (2020/08/11) pdf two giant planets in the orbit of a sun-like star
XN-0807 (2020/08/07) pdf determination of the neutron's lifetime using space measurements
XN-0806 (2020/08/03) pdf a very good reflector for passive cooling
XN-0805 (2020/07/28) pdf nearly complete decomposition of water with ultraviolet
XN-0804 (2020/07/21) pdf another tetraquark?
XN-0803 (2020/07/13) pdf LIGO-Virgo detects a mysterious object
XN-0802 (2020/07/09) pdf a sensitive strain-meter
XN-0801 (2020/06/30) pdf cooling solar panels using hydrogels

XN-0800 (2020/06/23) pdf a metal-organic framework to store high-volume fuels
XN-0799 (2020/06/17) pdf an artificial muscles with cotton fiber
XN-0798 (2020/06/10) pdf giant negative thermal expansion due to the Kondo effect
XN-0797 (2020/06/03) pdf observation of acoustically-induced transparency for gamma radiation
XN-0796 (2020/05/27) pdf observation of the rate of melting of the ice sheets of the earth
XN-0795 (2020/05/20) pdf direct observation of the properties of iron in conditions similar to those of the outer nucleus of the earth
XN-0794 (2020/05/13) pdf observation of CP violation in the neutrino oscillation
XN-0793 (2020/05/07) pdf solar cells under water
XN-0792 (2020/04/30) pdf mirror-symmetry violation in nuclei
XN-0791 (2020/04/22) pdf high-quality graphite to block the electromagnetic radiation

XN-0790 (2020/04/15) pdf nanostructures which make the wings of some butterflies ultra-black
XN-0789 (2020/04/11) pdf the fine structure of the light ring of a black hole
XN-0788 (2020/03/31) pdf iron rain on a hot exoplanet
XN-0787 (2020/03/26) pdf electric power with heat sources
XN-0786 (2020/03/20) pdf measuring the matter-antimatter symmetry
XN-0785 (2020/03/15) pdf an upper limit for the electric dipole of the neutron
XN-0784 (2020/03/10) pdf construction of extremely thin, conducting, flexible, and transparent films
XN-0783 (2020/03/02) pdf generating strong terahertz pulses using an infrared laser
XN-0782 (2020/02/26) pdf a glass ball in its motional quantum ground state
XN-0781 (2020/02/19) pdf death of the intermediate-mass stars, through thermonuclear reactions

XN-0780 (2020/02/11) pdf light-frequency-doubler controlled by light
XN-0779 (2020/02/04) pdf two-dimensional ice
XN-0778 (2020/01/30) pdf a laser accelerator on the chip
XN-0777 (2020/01/23) pdf another neutron-star merger
XN-0776 (2020/01/17) pdf simultaneous emission of gamma and ultraviolet during a lightning
XN-0775 (2020/01/09) pdf choosing the landing site for OSIRIS-REx
XN-0774 (2020/01/05) pdf the Parker mission near the sun

Physics news, 2019                                        back to mamwad

XN-0773 (2019/12/27) pdf a massive black hole in the Milky Way
XN-0772 (2019/12/20) pdf the maximum number of neutrons for fluorine and neon
XN-0771 (2019/12/12) pdf a new result for the proton radius

XN-0770 (2019/12/06) pdf lower limit for the range of gravity, upper limit for the mass of graviton
XN-0769 (2019/11/29) pdf the lubricating effect of the water film on the surface of ice
XN-0768 (2019/11/26) pdf an optical clock which is ten times more reliable than caesium atomic clocks
XN-0767 (2019/11/23) pdf improving perovskite sollar cells using metalic tin
XN-0766 (2019/11/15) pdf improving lithium-ion batteries using the oxide-peroxide reaction
XN-0765 (2019/11/09) pdf a comet coming from outside the solar system
XN-0764 (2019/11/07) pdf a large planet orbiting a small star
XN-0763 (2019/11/01) pdf reconstruction of the flocking-to-jamming transition
XN-0762 (2019/10/21) pdf discrepancy in measurements of the Hubble parameter continues
XN-0761 (2019/10/17) pdf Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 2019

XN-0760 (2019/10/10) pdf Nobel Prize of Physics in 2019
XN-0759 (2019/10/03) pdf water vapour in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet
XN-0758 (2019/09/25) pdf measuring the speed of matter pouring on supermassive black holes
XN-0757 (2019/09/19) pdf atomic precision manipulation of graphene
XN-0756 (2019/09/15) pdf superconductivity at a temperature higher than the room temperature?
XN-0755 (2019/09/13) pdf the last reversal of the Earth's magnetic field took more than 20 thousand years
XN-0754 (2019/09/09) pdf a stretchable conductor
XN-0753 (2019/09/06) pdf the redshift of a star near the center of the Milky Way is consistent with relativity
XN-0752 (2019/08/30) pdf measurement of a change of less than a nanometer in the distance between two spaceships
XN-0751 (2019/08/23) pdf the climate crisis, and the food habits

XN-0750 (2019/08/21) pdf a solar cell which produces electricity and fresh water
XN-0749 (2019/08/20) pdf measuring the Hubble parameter using gravitational waves
XN-0748 (2019/08/19) pdf forestation as a carbon dioxide sink
XN-0747 (2019/08/16) pdf a colossal elastocaloric effect
XN-0746 (2019/08/15) pdf detection of high-energy gammas of galactic origin
XN-0745 (2019/08/11) pdf a record for continuous magnetic field
XN-0744 (2019/08/09) pdf a transistor working by strain
XN-0743 (2019/08/08) pdf the world's most accurate clock, with an aluminum ion
XN-0742 (2019/08/05) pdf molecules as big as a bacterium
XN-0741 (2019/08/02) pdf many frames at the terahertz rate

XN-0740 (2019/07/26) pdf rising sea levels by 2100
XN-0739 (2019/07/17) pdf catapult using the energy stored in the web
XN-0738 (2019/07/11) pdf a superionic phase of ice
XN-0737 (2019/07/04) pdf wind speeds and wave heights are increasing
XN-0736 (2019/06/28) pdf increasing the flexoelectric coefficient, using a charged layer
XN-0735 (2019/06/20) pdf increasing the piezoelectric coefficient, with doping
XN-0734 (2019/06/14) pdf observation of the two-neutrino double electron capture
XN-0733 (2019/06/06) pdf sea levels rise as glaciers melt
XN-0732 (2019/06/01) pdf organic transistors with high current density
XN-0731 (2019/05/26) pdf plastic refrigerants

XN-0730 (2019/05/23) pdf another pentaquark
XN-0729 (2019/05/16) pdf a huge thunderstorm
XN-0728 (2019/05/10) pdf another test for general relativity, with the black hole in the center of the Galaxy
XN-0727 (2019/05/02) pdf observing CP violation in charm mesons
XN-0726 (2019/04/25) pdf condensing water on grooved surfaces
XN-0725 (2019/04/19) pdf energy from raindrops
XN-0724 (2019/04/12) pdf reforestation to confront global warming
XN-0723 (2019/04/05) pdf a thin memory based on boron nitride
XN-0722 (2019/03/28) pdf a material which stiffens and softens by temperature change
XN-0721 (2019/03/20) pdf resolving the inconsistency of the Hubble's parameter, using gravitational waves?

XN-0720 (2019/03/15) pdf observing the superscattering
XN-0719 (2019/03/08) pdf self-propulsion of a hot droplet on the surface of a liquid
XN-0718 (2019/02/28) pdf a super-heat-insulator with excellent mechanical properties
XN-0717 (2019/02/21) pdf a textile which controls the passage of infrared
XN-0716 (2019/02/15) pdf non destructive measurement of Bose-Einstein condensates
XN-0715 (2019/02/13) pdf correlation of extreme rainfalls over thousands of kilometers
XN-0714 (2019/02/09) pdf negative susceptibility observed in ferroelectric materials
XN-0713 (2019/02/05) pdf the mass and age of Saturn's ring
XN-0712 (2019/02/03) pdf calibration of carbon dating
XN-0711 (2019/02/01) pdf record law temperature for a neutral plasma

XN-0710 (2019/01/30) pdf single-photon exchange over record distance
XN-0709 (2019/01/29) pdf high-temperature superconductors with high-pressure hydrides
XN-0708 (2019/01/29) pdf the melting rate of Greenland's ice is increasing
XN-0707 (2019/01/26) pdf measuring the Casimir torque
XN-0706 (2019/01/24) pdf geckos run on water using both surface tension and body motion
XN-0705 (2019/01/22) pdf switching with topological insulators
XN-0704 (2019/01/18) pdf quantum entanglement for macroscopic bodies
XN-0703 (2019/01/18) pdf carbon dioxide sets record in 2018
XN-0702 (2019/01/11) pdf LIGO-Virgo observation of four more black-hole mergers
XN-0701 (2019/01/09) pdf large graphene filters with high permeation

XN-0700 (2019/01/04) pdf the mystery of the cosmic expansion rate is still there
XN-0699 (2019/01/02) pdf record for the distance and rate of quantum key distribution

Physics news, 2018                                        back to mamwad

XN-0698 (2018/12/28) pdf the Arctic ocean becoming ice free in summer in a few decades?
XN-0697 (2018/12/26) pdf new evidence for an ancient collision of the Milky Way
XN-0696 (2018/12/21) pdf an improved limit for the electric dipole of the electron
XN-0695 (2018/12/19) pdf measuring the radii of neutron stars using gravitational waves
XN-0694 (2018/12/13) pdf the viscosity of the fluid inside the nucleus is 300 times that of honey
XN-0693 (2018/12/12) pdf not all of the dark matter is made of primordial black holes
XN-0692 (2018/12/07) pdf a large moon for an exoplanet?
XN-0691 (2018/12/06) pdf magnetic field record in a lab

XN-0690 (2018/12/05) pdf timing of the photoelectric effect
XN-0689 (2018/11/30) pdf inconsistent measurements of the universal gravitational constant
XN-0688 (2018/11/28) pdf accelerating electrons with the wakefield of protons
XN-0687 (2018/11/23) pdf metallic liquid deuterium in high pressure
XN-0686 (2018/11/21) pdf trapping tiny particles with plasmonic tweezers
XN-0685 (2018/11/16) pdf artificial wood with good properties
XN-0684 (2018/11/14) pdf record for the efficiency of organic solar cells
XN-0683 (2018/11/09) pdf breaking spaghetti into two pieces
XN-0682 (2018/11/07) pdf discrepancy in the age of a baryon
XN-0681 (2018/11/02) pdf hot earth could become unavoidable

XN-0680 (2018/10/31) pdf angular-velocity record, with nanoparticles
XN-0679 (2018/10/26) pdf liquid water under the surface of Mars
XN-0678 (2018/10/24) pdf the high thermal conductivity of boron arsenide
XN-0677 (2018/10/18) pdf the cost of rising sea levels due to global warming
XN-0676 (2018/10/11) pdf the effect of the electric field on superconductivity
XN-0675 (2018/10/08) pdf the Very Large Telescope discovered a newborn planet
XN-0674 (2018/10/04) pdf Nobel prize of chemistry for the directed evolution of enzymes and the phase display of peptides and antibodies
XN-0673 (2018/10/03) pdf Nobel prize of physics for laser tweezers and thin optical pulses
XN-0672 (2018/09/28) pdf one-way light channel using a rotating resonator
XN-0671 (2018/09/27) pdf melting of the ice on the Antarctica rises this continent

XN-0670 (2018/09/20) pdf the gas propulsion of an interstellar object in the Solar System
XN-0669 (2018/09/12) pdf phase-change memory with glassy antimony
XN-0668 (2018/09/08) pdf frictionless flow in two-dimensional channels
XN-0667 (2018/09/03) pdf the very small dielectric constant of confined water
XN-0666 (2018/09/01) pdf closer to fusion using inertial confinement
XN-0665 (2018/08/30) pdf global warming and heatwave
XN-0664 (2018/08/19) pdf world's great cities and carbon emission
XN-0663 (2018/08/16) pdf the strongest evidence of muon antineutrino oscillation yet
XN-0662 (2018/08/13) pdf the impact of food production on the environment
XN-0661 (2018/08/07) pdf improved solar cells

XN-0660 (2018/08/02) pdf observation of chiral regions in the superfluid Helium 3
XN-0659 (2018/07/27) pdf five new tau neutrinos in OPERA
XN-0658 (2018/07/24) pdf global warming and habitat loss
XN-0657 (2018/07/18) pdf a new correction for the precession of the perihelion of Mercury
XN-0656 (2018/07/10) pdf pressure inside the proton
XN-0655 (2018/07/03) pdf precision measurement of the weak charge of the proton
XN-0654 (2018/06/26) pdf elephant's rumble propagates through the ground up to six kilometers
XN-0653 (2018/06/19) pdf an upper limit for the radius of neutron stars
XN-0652 (2018/06/16) pdf increased heat transfer in short separations
XN-0651 (2018/06/06) pdf stretchable membranes

XN-0650 (2018/06/01) pdf increasing the efficiency of solar cells with stress
XN-0649 (2018/05/31) pdf light confined to an atomic size gap
XN-0648 (2018/05/18) pdf building a molecule from two atoms
XN-0647 (2018/05/10) pdf characterization of the nuclear-clock isomer of Thorium
XN-0646 (2018/05/02) pdf constraint on the violation of the equivalence principle
XN-0645 (2018/04/26) pdf an adaptive infrared reflector
XN-0644 (2018/04/19) pdf a galaxy without dark matter
XN-0643 (2018/04/14) pdf precision record with optical lattice clocks
XN-0642 (2018/04/12) pdf mismatch in different measurements of the Hubble parameter
XN-0641 (2018/04/05) pdf gamma taps from colliding electrons with infrared

XN-0640 (2018/03/27) pdf new electronic states in graphene
XN-0639 (2018/03/21) pdf precise and fast distance measurement with LIDAR
XN-0638 (2018/03/15) pdf measurement of the thermal expansion coefficient of two-dimensional materials
XN-0637 (2018/03/09) pdf measuring height using optical clocks
XN-0636 (2018/03/02) pdf a strong and tough material based on wood
XN-0635 (2018/02/28) pdf planets which could be suitable for life
XN-0634 (2018/02/16) pdf an intermediate medium for transmission of sound from water into air
XN-0633 (2018/02/11) pdf trapping and transporting large particles using ultrasound
XN-0632 (2018/02/07) pdf the maximum mass of a neutron star
XN-0631 (2018/02/02) pdf dark matter interpretation of the neutron decay anomaly

XN-0630 (2018/01/26) pdf positioning in the space using x-ray
XN-0629 (2018/01/19) pdf engineering bacteria to produce ultrasound tracers
XN-0628 (2018/01/16) pdf very supercooled water
XN-0627 (2018/01/13) pdf regular packing with gyration
XN-0626 (2018/01/11) pdf swimming in a non-turbulent medium, using inflation-deflation
XN-0625 (2018/01/05) pdf twist as a result of squeeze
XN-0624 (2018/01/04) pdf testing the standard model in IceCube

Physics news, 2017                                        back to mamwad

XN-0623 (2017/12/22) pdf photonuclear reactions caused by lightning
XN-0622 (2017/12/15) pdf a 20-qubit quantum computer
XN-0621 (2017/12/13) pdf measuring the mass of a living cell

XN-0620 (2017/12/06) pdf nickel-78 is doubly magic
XN-0619 (2017/11/27) pdf precise measurements of the magnetic dipoles of the antiproton and the proton
XN-0618 (2017/11/21) pdf detection of two neutron stars merging
XN-0617 (2017/11/14) pdf detection of gravitational waves, thise time by Ligo and Virgo
XN-0616 (2017/11/10) pdf ultra-high-energy cosmic rays come from outside the Galaxy
XN-0615 (2017/11/07) pdf a binary supermassive black hole
XN-0614 (2017/11/03) pdf increasing the speed when the projectile is not rigid
XN-0613 (2017/11/01) pdf an intermediate-mass black hole in the Milky Way?
XN-0612 (2017/10/24) pdf converting mechanical energy to electrical energy using carbon nanotubes
XN-0611 (2017/10/17) pdf a strange gravitational lens?

XN-0610 (2017/10/13) pdf excellent sight of the squid, with a varying refraction index
XN-0609 (2017/10/06) pdf the Nobel prize in chemistry for the development of cryo-electron microscopy
XN-0608 (2017/10/04) pdf the Nobel prize in physics for the detection of gravitational waves
XN-0607 (2017/10/01) pdf observation of photon-photon scattering
XN-0606 (2017/09/29) pdf observation of coherent neutrino scattering
XN-0605 (2017/09/27) pdf a large storm on Neptune
XN-0604 (2017/09/24) pdf observation of hot water molecules in the atmosphere of an exoplanet
XN-0603 (2017/09/20) pdf observation of a the hyperfine splitting of antihydrogen 
XN-0602 (2017/09/15) pdf observation of a doubly charmed baryon 
XN-0601 (2017/09/13) pdf sharpening laser using a magnetic field

XN-0600 (2017/09/11) pdf an exact measurement of the proton mass
XN-0599 (2017/09/09) pdf searching for the neutrinoless quadruple beta-decay
XN-0598 (2017/09/06) pdf two supermassive black holes orbiting each other
XN-0597 (2017/09/04) pdf a new upper limit for the interaction of dark matter with nucleon
XN-0596 (2017/09/02) pdf magnetizing a gas, using optical centrifuge
XN-0595 (2017/08/30) pdf the radius distribution of exoplanets has two peaks
XN-0594 (2017/08/29) pdf distributing entangled photon pairs over distances of 1200 km
XN-0593 (2017/08/21) pdf measuring the mass of a white dwarf, using gravitational light deflection
XN-0592 (2017/08/15) pdf rigid marbles of air
XN-0591 (2017/08/10) pdf another gravitational wave due to the merger of two black-holes

XN-0590 (2017/08/04) pdf topological magnetoelectric rotation of the polarization of light
XN-0589 (2017/08/03) pdf measuring tiny forces using nanofibres
XN-0588 (2017/08/02) pdf tidal forces on single atoms
XN-0587 (2017/08/01) pdf Sisyphus cooling of a tri-atomic molecule
XN-0586 (2017/07/31) pdf testing the European X-ray Free Electron Laser
XN-0585 (2017/07/30) pdf cavity-cooling of many atoms
XN-0584 (2017/07/29) pdf four images from a single supernova
XN-0583 (2017/07/22) pdf a rocky temperate super-earth
XN-0582 (2017/07/11) pdf extracting water from the atmosphere, using the sunlight
XN-0581 (2017/07/04) pdf increasing the pressure reduces the viscosity of supercooled water

XN-0580 (2017/06/28) pdf neutrinoless double beta decay not detected
XN-0579 (2017/06/22) pdf Silicon-III has a band gap
XN-0578 (2017/06/17) pdf filter for water desalination, using graphene oxide
XN-0577 (2017/06/12) pdf an astroid with a retrograde orbit of a period the same as that of Jupiter
XN-0576 (2017/06/10) pdf fast surface phase transition between insulator and conductor
XN-0575 (2017/06/05) pdf a supermassive black hole moving away from the center of its galaxy?
XN-0574 (2017/05/29) pdf a sensor which responses to touch and stretch
XN-0573 (2017/05/22) pdf five new states of a charmed baryon
XN-0572 (2017/05/15) pdf a star in a tight orbit around a compact object
XN-0571 (2017/05/08) pdf an efficient thermionic energy converter

XN-0570 (2017/05/01) pdf seven earth-like planets around a dwarf star
XN-0569 (2017/04/25) pdf portable optical clocks
XN-0568 (2017/04/17) pdf a supernova just 3 hours after explosion
XN-0567 (2017/04/11) pdf a passive cooling
XN-0566 (2017/04/05) pdf a flat lens for an interval from blue to green
XN-0565 (2017/04/01) pdf a circuit which survives the harsh environment of Venus
XN-0564 (2017/03/28) pdf electrical energy with water evaporation
XN-0563 (2017/03/23) pdf a precise membrane temperature-sensor
XN-0562 (2017/03/15) pdf exact measurement of the magnetic dipole of the antiproton
XN-0561 (2017/03/08) pdf cooling using squeezed light

XN-0560 (2017/03/01) pdf a strong light-weight three-dimensional array of graphene
XN-0559 (2017/02/22) pdf a hand-powered cheap centrifuge
XN-0558 (2017/02/14) pdf the free fall of the quantum objects
XN-0557 (2017/02/08) pdf electromechanical sensor using a nanocomposite of graphene-polymer
XN-0556 (2017/02/01) pdf naming the elements of the seventh row completed
XN-0555 (2017/01/27) pdf gravimetry with the Bose-Einstein condensate
XN-0554 (2017/01/23) pdf the roundest star yet
XN-0553 (2017/01/19) pdf laser control of electron emission, in the femtosecond scale
XN-0552 (2017/01/12) pdf freestanding graphene, by rapid cooling
XN-0551 (2017/01/10) pdf antiprotonic helium, and measuring the mass of antiproton

XN-0550 (2017/01/05) pdf building a detect-free two-dimensional atomic array

Physics news, 2016                                        back to mamwad

XN-0549 (2016/12/30) pdf living nanospheres hide tiny crustaeans
XN-0548 (2016/12/22) pdf record energy transfer from electrons to laser
XN-0547 (2016/12/15) pdf is the acceleration of the universe really increasing?
XN-0546 (2016/12/10) pdf graphene coating, a protector against glass corrosion
XN-0545 (2016/12/01) pdf more galaxies in the observable universe, than previously thought
XN-0544 (2016/11/28) pdf a precision meter for gravity and magnetic field gradient
XN-0543 (2016/11/25) pdf a new upper limit for the anisotropy of the universe
XN-0542 (2016/11/17) pdf electromechanical yarn with nanotubes
XN-0541 (2016/11/10) pdf decay of the rarest natural isotope not detected

XN-0540 (2016/11/01) pdf no magnetic monopole detected in LHC
XN-0539 (2016/10/28) pdf pion-kaon atoms observed
XN-0538 (2016/10/20) pdf elevating liquids using light
XN-0537 (2016/10/13) pdf 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics, for molecular machines
XN-0536 (2016/10/06) pdf 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics, for topological phases of matter
XN-0535 (2016/09/29) pdf a new time for the reionization of the cosmos
XN-0534 (2016/09/22) pdf a giant two-atom molecule
XN-0533 (2016/09/16) pdf a rocky planet in the habitable zone of sun's nearest neighbour
XN-0532 (2016/09/09) pdf comparing two atomic clocks using an optical link
XN-0531 (2016/09/03) pdf inconsistency in values obtained for the proton radius

XN-0530 (2016/08/27) pdf construction starts on huge Chinese cosmic-ray observatory
XN-0529 (2016/08/21) pdf changing optical properties using laser
XN-0528 (2016/08/16) pdf no seasonal change in the radioactive decay of manganese-54
XN-0527 (2016/08/08) pdf no sign of the dark matter yet
XN-0526 (2016/08/01) pdf a planet in the orbit of three stars
XN-0525 (2016/07/25) pdf Juno arrived at Jupiter
XN-0524 (2016/07/20) pdf construction of micro optical instruments using two-photon laser writing
XN-0523 (2016/07/11) pdf a precise value for Planck's constant
XN-0522 (2016/07/09) pdf transmitting light with orbital angular momentum over 143 kilometers
XN-0521 (2016/06/25) pdf another batch of gravitational waves

XN-0520 (2016/06/21) pdf coherent terahertz radiation with laser plasma
XN-0519 (2016/06/15) pdf the young sun, and life on the earth
XN-0518 (2016/06/07) pdf proton conductivity in the electric-field-detector of sharks
XN-0517 (2016/05/31) pdf search of neutron displacement between possible braneworlds
XN-0516 (2016/05/26) pdf detecting a low-energy transition in thorium
XN-0515 (2016/05/19) pdf sensitive magnetic field detector with superconducting quantum interference filter
XN-0514 (2016/05/12) pdf supernova sediments still rain down on earth and the moon
XN-0513 (2016/05/05) pdf the 750 GeV bump in LHC's experiments
XN-0512 (2016/04/29) pdf a single-atom engine
XN-0511 (2016/04/21) pdf earth-bound evidence for supernovae nearby

XN-0510 (2016/04/14) pdf a white dwarf with an oxygen atmosphere
XN-0509 (2016/04/08) pdf a small and cheap gravimeter
XN-0508 (2016/04/02) pdf LHC does not detect the tetraquark X(5568)
XN-0507 (2016/03/26) pdf is graphene-oxide antibacterial?
XN-0506 (2016/03/20) pdf a tetraquark discovered?
XN-0505 (2016/03/13) pdf the X-ray observatory ASTRO-H launched
XN-0504 (2016/03/06) pdf gravitational wave detected
XN-0503 (2016/02/28) pdf trees break at a fixed wind speed
XN-0502 (2016/02/21) pdf a new upper limit for the charge of antihydrogen
XN-0501 (2016/02/16) pdf new type of atmospheric waves seen high above Antarctica

XN-0500 (2016/02/07) pdf fast imaging ofnanometer scale
XN-0499 (2016/02/02) pdf anti-freeze for a lithium-battery
XN-0498 (2016/01/25) pdf CERN and its future programs
XN-0497 (2016/01/18) pdf Akatsuki reaches Venus, finally
XN-0496 (2016/01/11) pdf test of charge conservation in Borexino
XN-0495 (2016/01/04) pdf LISA Pathfinder, a test for detection of gravitational waves

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XN-0494 (2015/12/29) pdf a high-energy-density flow battery
XN-0493 (2015/12/22) pdf oldest stars in our galaxy
XN-0492 (2015/12/15) pdf Gran Soasso's hunt for missing particles
XN-0491 (2015/12/10) pdf curved wave-guide for X rays

XN-0490 (2015/12/03) pdf high-altitude dust on the red planet
XN-0489 (2015/11/26) pdf measuring the strong interaction between antiprotons
XN-0488 (2015/11/19) pdf phase transition in bursting balloons
XN-0487 (2015/11/12) pdf manipulating objects, using sound
XN-0486 (2015/11/05) pdf improving the energy transfer in exciton networks, using genetic engineering
XN-0485 (2015/10/30) pdf tiny terahertz accelerator
XN-0484 (2015/10/23) pdf magnetic permeability used for data storage
XN-0483 (2015/10/16) pdf gravitational wave due to merging of black holes not detected
XN-0482 (2015/10/09) pdf Nobel prize of physics for neutrino oscillations
XN-0481 (2015/10/04) pdf a laser which changes itself

XN-0480 (2015/09/27) pdf improving the accelerating of positrons in plasma wakefields
XN-0479 (2015/09/22) pdf improving laser acceleration using nanotubes
XN-0478 (2015/09/17) pdf decorated graphene becoming a superconductor?
XN-0477 (2015/09/15) pdf hydrogen sulfide becomes superconductor at 203 K
XN-0476 (2015/09/06) pdf detecting neutrinos from the earth's mantle
XN-0475 (2015/08/31) pdf buckyballs turn nonmagnetic metals magnetic
XN-0474 (2015/08/26) pdf aurora on a brown dwarf
XN-0473 (2015/08/18) pdf pentaquark states?
XN-0472 (2015/08/11) pdf a chip with features less than 10 nm
XN-0471 (2015/08/05) pdf super-slippery steel surfaces inspired by reptile skins

XN-0470 (2015/07/30) pdf increasing the energy density of batteries, using graphene coating
XN-0469 (2015/07/24) pdf a cheap spectrometer using quantum dots
XN-0468 (2015/07/18) pdf Philae woke up
XN-0467 (2015/07/11) pdf tuning the friction through the manipulation of the lattice
XN-0466 (2015/07/06) pdf a single-molecule diode with a high rectification ratio
XN-0465 (2015/06/29) pdf infrared detector in a new region
XN-0464 (2015/06/24) pdf discovering a Kuiper-belt-like around a young star
XN-0463 (2015/06/17) pdf magnetic shield with large attenuation
XN-0462 (2015/06/09) pdf IceCube detects equal numbers of neutrinos in all three flavors
XN-0461 (2015/06/03) pdf end of MESSENGER

XN-0460 (2015/05/27) pdf measuring the energy of a single electron using the synchrotron radiation
XN-0459 (2015/05/20) pdf conventional superconductivity in high temperature
XN-0458 (2015/05/13) pdf a real-time tunable plasmonic laser
XN-0457 (2015/05/07) pdf direct current, using noise
XN-0456 (2015/04/30) pdf sensitive magnetometer, with a diamond cavity
XN-0455 (2015/04/24) pdf square ice between graphene layers
XN-0454 (2015/04/17) pdf quantum cryptography using the orbital angular momentum of the photon
XN-0453 (2015/04/10) pdf entangling 3000 atoms using a single photon
XN-0452 (2015/04/06) pdf high performance nanostructure electrode for a supercapacitor
XN-0451 (2015/04/01) pdf LHC restarts

XN-0450 (2015/03/25) pdf multiple images of a distant supernova
XN-0449 (2015/03/21) pdf 3D mapping of a virus, using X taps
XN-0448 (2015/03/17) pdf measurement of the contribution of carbon dioxide in global warming between 2000 and 2010
XN-0447 (2015/03/14) pdf an upper limit for the variation of the ratio of the proton mass to the electron mass
XN-0446 (2015/03/08) pdf Planck and the precise determination of the end of the cosmic dark ages
XN-0445 (2015/03/03) pdf twisted light, with ultrasound
XN-0444 (2015/02/26) pdf determining the half life of iron 60
XN-0443 (2015/02/21) pdf measuring the second derivative of the gravitational field using atom interferometry
XN-0442 (2015/02/16) pdf comets and the water of the earth
XN-0441 (2015/02/11) pdf a precise method to measure the distance of galaxies

XN-0440 (2015/02/03) pdf Planck and the early universe
XN-0439 (2015/01/30) pdf Japan launches second asteroid mission
XN-0438 (2015/01/24) pdf graphene is efficient also in dissipating the energy of fast projectiles
XN-0437 (2015/01/19) pdf passive cooling by radiation
XN-0436 (2015/01/12) pdf discovering two new baryons in LHCb
XN-0435 (2015/01/08) pdf secure transportation of quantum keys in long distances
XN-0434 (2015/01/03) pdf precise determination of the position of a proton, using a nirogen-vacancy

Physics news, 2014                                        back to mamwad

XN-0433 (2014/12/31) pdf tailoring the magnetic properties of atoms deposited on graphene, through the substrate
XN-0432 (2014/12/27) pdf increasing the thermal conductivity of a plastic with graphene
XN-0431 (2014/12/24) pdf detection of a giant spin splitting

XN-0430 (2014/12/21) pdf upgrading the XENON experiment
XN-0429 (2014/12/16) pdf Mangalyaan in orbit around Mars
XN-0428 (2014/12/13) pdf a supermassive black hole in a dwarf galaxy
XN-0427 (2014/12/07) pdf Big Bang ruled out as origin of lithium-6
XN-0426 (2014/12/03) pdf detection of neutrinos from Sun's main nuclear reaction
XN-0425 (2014/11/29) pdf a rare black hole in the galaxy M82
XN-0424 (2014/11/25) pdf lander landed on the comet
XN-0423 (2014/11/18) pdf changing the phase of light using dielectric devices
XN-0422 (2014/11/13) pdf high-gain single-photon optical transistor
XN-0421 (2014/11/08) pdf electrostatic energy with jumping droplets

XN-0420 (2014/11/04) pdf a multifunctional superhydrophobic film
XN-0419 (2014/10/29) pdf isotope separation using laser
XN-0418 (2014/10/21) pdf a close-pair binary in a triple black hole system
XN-0417 (2014/10/13) pdf upper limit for the neutrinoless double beta decay
XN-0416 (2014/10/08) pdf Chemistry Nobel Prize for super-resolution microscopy
XN-0415 (2014/10/08) pdf Physics Nobel Prize for inventing blue LEDs
XN-0414 (2014/10/05) pdf two planets in the orbit of a strange nearby star
XN-0413 (2014/09/25) pdf high-precision measurement of the magnetic moment of the proton
XN-0412 (2014/09/15) pdf photoresponse, another 2D material
XN-0411 (2014/09/10) pdf a structural supercapacitor

XN-0410 (2014/09/06) pdf quantum accelerometry
XN-0409 (2014/09/02) pdf mimicking neurons using laser
XN-0408 (2014/08/29) pdf a quantum random number generator
XN-0407 (2014/08/27) pdf the element 117
XN-0406 (2014/08/19) pdf Sistine Chapel in a new light
XN-0405 (2014/08/14) pdf cheap lenses with hanging droplets
XN-0404 (2014/08/11) pdf metal-semiconductor transition in single-layers
XN-0403 (2014/08/05) pdf a double star which brightens during eclipse
XN-0402 (2014/07/31) pdf adjustable acoustic metamaterial 
XN-0401 (2014/07/23) pdf cosmic barometer with carbon compounds

XN-0400 (2014/07/18) pdf a microbial fuel cell which works on waste
XN-0399 (2014/07/12) pdf a tiny mechanical oscillator
XN-0398 (2014/07/07) pdf angular selectivity for light
XN-0397 (2014/07/01) pdf optical tweezers at nanometre scale
XN-0396 (2014/06/26) pdf dependence of the oscillation of neutrinos on the media they pass?
XN-0395 (2014/06/21) pdf smart yarns with graphene oxide
XN-0394 (2014/06/16) pdf improvement in image transportation, by introducing disorder in an optical fiber
XN-0393 (2014/06/10) pdf radio wave detection with light
XN-0392 (2014/06/02) pdf high output power from a black hole
XN-0391 (2014/05/27) pdf graphene oxide as a sieve

XN-0390 (2014/05/20) pdf laser fusion: energy gained more than the energy given to the fuel
XN-0389 (2014/05/13) pdf future accelerators
XN-0388 (2014/05/07) pdf the mechanism of the change of the state of skin with humidity
XN-0387 (2014/04/30) pdf unidirectional sound propagation
XN-0386 (2014/04/24) pdf cloud in the sky of a nearby brown dwarf
XN-0385 (2014/04/16) pdf detecting a filament of the cosmic web with the radiation of a quasar
XN-0384 (2014/04/09) pdf measuring the phase of ultrashort laser pulses
XN-0383 (2014/04/05) pdf Abel Prize for Yakov Sinai
XN-0382 (2014/04/02) pdf a transparent and flexible electronic circuit
XN-0381 (2014/03/29) pdf ultraslow molecular beams

XN-0380 (2014/03/24) pdf a millisecond pulsar in a ternary system
XN-0379 (2014/03/19) pdf a highly-efficient thermoelectronic generator
XN-0378 (2014/03/15) pdf longer-lived nitrogen-vacancy, in nanodiamond
XN-0377 (2014/03/10) pdf discrepancy in neutron lifetime
XN-0376 (2014/03/03) pdf IceCube detecs cosmic neutrinos
XN-0375 (2014/02/26) pdf the oldest mineral from Mars discovered on Earth
XN-0374 (2014/02/19) pdf a quantum state with a long life in room temperature
XN-0373 (2014/02/13) pdf a new upper limit for the electric dipole of the electron
XN-0372 (2014/02/09) pdf less radiation in higher temperatures
XN-0371 (2014/02/04) pdf directional Brownian motion

XN-0370 (2014/01/27) pdf furthest galaxy yet
XN-0369 (2014/01/22) pdf furthest gravitational lense so far
XN-0368 (2014/01/14) pdf magnetic resonance imaging in the nanometer scale
XN-0367 (2014/01/07) pdf for calcium, also 34 is a magic number

Physics news, 2013                                        back to mamwad

XN-0366 (2013/12/31) pdf tiny table-top particle accelerators
XN-0365 (2013/12/25) pdf a thin and highly efficient solar cell
XN-0364 (2013/12/18) pdf a carbon nanotube computer
XN-0363 (2013/12/11) pdf nanosecond switching in liquid crystals
XN-0362 (2013/12/04) pdf a single-atom memory
XN-0361 (2013/11/27) pdf powerful artificial muscles

XN-0360 (2013/11/20) pdf doping graphene with chlorine
XN-0359 (2013/11/13) pdf recored instability, with an atomic clock
XN-0358 (2013/11/07) pdf a fast and sensitive pressure sensor
XN-0357 (2013/10/30) pdf nanometre-scale thermometry in living cells
XN-0356 (2013/10/23) pdf detection of the B-mode anisotropy in the polarization of the cosmic microwave background
XN-0355 (2013/10/17) pdf what is the lifetime of a photon?
XN-0354 (2013/10/11) pdf Nobel Prize of chemistry for Karplus, Levitt, and Warshel
XN-0353 (2013/10/09) pdf Nobel Prize of physics for Englert and Higgs
XN-0352 (2013/10/04) pdf determination of the CO snow line in a nebula
XN-0351 (2013/09/27) pdf high-density glass memory

XN-0350 (2013/09/20) pdf highly efficient photoanodes
XN-0349 (2013/09/13) pdf gamma-ray pulse before lightning flash
XN-0348 (2013/09/06) pdf xenon forms compounds at extreme temperatures and pressures
XN-0347 (2013/08/31) pdf direct measurement of the van der Waals interaction
XN-0346 (2013/08/24) pdf data transmission through light with orbital angular momentum over 1 km
XN-0345 (2013/08/18) pdf creating high-energy beams of positrons with laser
XN-0344 (2013/08/11) pdf discovery of a charged charmonium
XN-0343 (2013/08/04) pdf graphene circuit in gigahertz
XN-0342 (2013/07/29) pdf solving system of linear equations using quantum computation
XN-0341 (2013/07/22) pdf an invisibility cloak in time

XN-0340 (2013/07/15) pdf acoustically-invisible barriers
XN-0339 (2013/07/09) pdf an elliptical galaxy is under construction
XN-0338 (2013/07/02) pdf Hofstadter's butterfly spotted in graphene
XN-0337 (2013/06/25) pdf energy released in the atmosphere, due to breaking waves
XN-0336 (2013/06/19) pdf measuring the gravitational mass of antihydrogen
XN-0335 (2013/06/12) pdf a transistor sensor as sensitive as the human skin
XN-0334 (2013/06/04) pdf precise measurement of the magnetic dipole of antiproton
XN-0333 (2013/05/29) pdf two theorems in number theory
XN-0332 (2013/05/22) pdf observation of dark solitons on the surface of water
XN-0331 (2013/05/15) pdf electrostatic graphene loudspeaker

XN-0330 (2013/05/08) pdf Planck's data and the parmeters of the universe
XN-0329 (2013/05/01) pdf a realization of the Feynman's double-slit experiment
XN-0328 (2013/04/25) pdf macroscale cooling by nanoscale electron transport
XN-0327 (2013/04/18) pdf observation of the D-meson oscillation between matter and antimatter
XN-0326 (2013/04/11) pdf star-shaped surface waves in fluids
XN-0325 (2013/04/05) pdf atmospheric electricity affects cloud height
XN-0324 (2013/03/31) pdf a new mass limit for white dwarfs
XN-0323 (2013/03/25) pdf a bright table top neutron source
XN-0322 (2013/03/16) pdf hydrogen generation with nanosilicon
XN-0321 (2013/03/10) pdf laser cooling of a semiconductor

XN-0320 (2013/03/04) pdf storing and retrieving data with DNA
XN-0319 (2013/02/25) pdf detection of single molecules using plasmonic metamaterials
XN-0318 (2013/02/19) pdf table-top proton accelerator with pulsed lasers
XN-0317 (2013/02/11) pdf how many dominos will topple a high tower?
XN-0316 (2013/02/05) pdf a machine working with moisture
XN-0315 (2013/01/28) pdf muon capture rate confirms theoretical prediction
XN-0314 (2013/01/22) pdf a flexible graphene transistor
XN-0313 (2013/01/15) pdf fast switching using laser
XN-0312 (2013/01/10) pdf a tiny sensor to measure temperature and mass
XN-0311 (2013/01/03) pdf direct measurement of time reversal violation, in BaBar

Physics news, 2012                                        back to mamwad

XN-0310 (2012/12/27) pdf quantum data transfer at large distance through a busy line
XN-0309 (2012/12/21) pdf contracting nanotube yarn
XN-0308 (2012/12/14) pdf cooling large molecules
XN-0307 (2012/12/07) pdf improved diamond anvil reached the pressure of six mega bar
XN-0306 (2012/12/01) pdf malaria detection using laser and magnetic field
XN-0305 (2012/11/24) pdf transparent nonarods which don't let the light pass
XN-0304 (2012/11/17) pdf carbon dioxide enhances fragility of ice
XN-0303 (2012/11/11) pdf shortest-period star orbiting the black hole at the center of the Milky Way
XN-0302 (2012/11/03) pdf galactic jet near the supermassive black hole at the center of M87
XN-0301 (2012/10/29) pdf at what size do water clusters crystallize?

XN-0300 (2012/10/22) pdf huge cosmic-ray observatory set for Siberia
XN-0299 (2012/10/15) pdf quantum-control pioneers bag 2012 Nobel prize for physics
XN-0298 (2012/10/09) pdf cost of atmospheric albedo modification systems
XN-0297 (2012/10/03) pdf design of stable nanocrystalline alloys
XN-0296 (2012/09/25) pdf direct transformation of mechanical energy into chemical energy
XN-0295 (2012/09/19) pdf better solar cells with coated quantum dots
XN-0294 (2012/09/12) pdf plate tectonics on Mars?
XN-0293 (2012/09/06) pdf a new form of carbon which is even harder than the diamond
XN-0292 (2012/08/30) pdf plans for LEP3 at CERN
XN-0291 (2012/08/24) pdf conduction of ultracold fermions through a 
mesoscopic channel

XN-0290 (2012/08/17) pdf Intel invests in extreme-ultraviolet lithography
XN-0289 (2012/08/10) pdf a prototype Mott transistor
XN-0288 (2012/08/05) pdf discovery of a Higgs-like particle in CERN
XN-0287 (2012/07/28) pdf a tiny pressure meter
XN-0286 (2012/07/24) pdf a spacecraft looking for dangerous asteroids
XN-0285 (2012/07/16) pdf harnessing wave energy with seabed carpet
XN-0284 (2012/07/09) pdf NuSTAR is in the sky
XN-0283 (2012/07/01) pdf optimum shape of bent rods for entanglement
XN-0282 (2012/06/24) pdf the detection of a nontransiting planet, by transit timing variations
XN-0281 (2012/06/19) pdf absolute distance measurement using frequency comb

XN-0280 (2012/06/11) pdf increasing the efficiency of solar cells by wrinkles
XN-0279 (2012/06/04) pdf a nanomechanical mass sensor with yoctogram resolution
XN-0278 (2012/05/28) pdf transmission of a precise frequency over a large disntace
XN-0277 (2012/05/21) pdf a record for the efficiency of solar cells
XN-0276 (2012/05/15) pdf the thermal origin of the Pioneer anomaly
XN-0275 (2012/05/08) pdf the long-term effect of increasing the albedo of urban areas
XN-0274 (2012/05/01) pdf real-time single-molecule imaging of quantum interference
XN-0273 (2012/04/23) pdf experimental realization of a magnetic cloak
XN-0272 (2012/04/16) pdf looking around corner
XN-0271 (2012/04/09) pdf a graphene-based electrochemical capacitor

XN-0270 (2012/04/03) pdf experimental verification of heating due to data erasure
XN-0269 (2012/03/28) pdf measurement of a parameter of neutrino oscillation
XN-0268 (2012/03/21) pdf an LED which transforms heat into light
XN-0267 (2012/03/14) pdf energy dissipation due to precipitation
XN-0266 (2012/03/06) pdf a single-atom transistor
XN-0265 (2012/02/29) pdf the next supercontinent
XN-0264 (2012/02/22) pdf a super earth in the orbit of a dwarf star
XN-0263 (2012/02/15) pdf frequency comb in the extreme ultraviolet
XN-0262 (2012/02/08) pdf thermal conductivity of graphene is increased as its isotope purity is increased
XN-0261 (2012/02/01) pdf detecting sound with a nanoparticle

XN-0260 (2012/01/25) pdf search for Higgs boson
XN-0259 (2012/01/18) pdf energy balance points to man-made climate change
XN-0258 (2012/01/11) pdf high precision carbon dating, using cavity laser
XN-0257 (2012/01/05) pdf Curiosity mission safely launches to Mars

Physics news, 2011                                        back to mamwad

XN-0256 (2011/12/29) pdf observation of the dynamical Casimir effect
XN-0255 (2011/12/22) pdf pristine gas two billion years after the big bang
XN-0254 (2011/12/15) pdf LHC trials proton-lead collisions
XN-0253 (2011/12/08) pdf the astroid 21 Lutetia
XN-0252 (2011/12/02) pdf the characteristics of Eris
XN-0251 (2011/11/25) pdf wrinkling of pressurized elastic shells

XN-0250 (2011/11/18) pdf plasmonic generation of ultrashort extreme-ultraviolet light pulses
XN-0249 (2011/11/11) pdf enhancing the supercapacitor by the electrode conductivity
XN-0248 (2011/11/04) pdf three photons for a single electron
XN-0247 (2011/10/28) pdf wakes due to the moon's shadow
XN-0246 (2011/10/22) pdf hot electrons and photocurrent in graphene
XN-0245 (2011/10/16) pdf quasicrystal discovery bags 2011 chemistry Nobel
XN-0244 (2011/10/10) pdf dark-energy pioneers scoop Nobel prize
XN-0243 (2011/10/01) pdf graphene and the universality of the quantum Hall effect
XN-0242 (2011/09/28) pdf towards perfect solar cells, with graphene
XN-0241 (2011/09/19) pdf NASA launches mission to Jupiter

XN-0240 (2011/09/11) pdf forming the lunar farside highlands by accretion of a companion moon
XN-0239 (2011/09/06) pdf hunt for the Higgs enters endgame
XN-0238 (2011/08/28) pdf radioactive decay accounts for half of earth's heat
XN-0237 (2011/08/22) pdf observing the rotational drag of light
XN-0236 (2011/08/14) pdf famous black hole confirmed after 40 years
XN-0235 (2011/08/07) pdf the phase diagram of quantum chromodynamics
XN-0234 (2011/08/01) pdf evidence mounts for muon to electron neutrino oscillation
XN-0233 (2011/07/24) pdf different supernovae of high luminosity
XN-0232 (2011/07/17) pdf magnetic fields reduce blood viscosity
XN-0231 (2011/07/10) pdf improved measurement of the electric dipole of the electron

XN-0230 (2011/07/04) pdf unbound or distant planets detected by gravitational 
XN-0229 (2011/06/27) pdf activated graphite oxide boosts supercapacitors
XN-0228 (2011/06/19) pdf atomic clock is smallest on the market
XN-0227 (2011/06/13) pdf confinement of antihydrogen for 1000 seconds
XN-0226 (2011/06/05) pdf sonoluminescence power record broken
XN-0225 (2011/05/30) pdf metallicity of spiral galaxies, and forming inside out
XN-0224 (2011/05/23) pdf 14-qubit entanglement
XN-0223 (2011/05/16) pdf giant Farady effect with a thin film
XN-0222 (2011/05/09) pdf heaviest ever antimatter discovered
XN-0221 (2011/05/02) pdf Messenger spacecraft enters Mercury orbit

XN-0220 (2011/04/25) pdf single-spin addressing in an atomic Mott insulator
XN-0219 (2011/04/17) pdf possible region for the Higgs's mass tightened
XN-0218 (2011/04/12) pdf low-power switching of phase-change materials
XN-0217 (2011/04/05) pdf full-colour quantum dot displays
XN-0216 (2011/03/30) pdf anti-laser created
XN-0215 (2011/03/28) pdf a metamaterial with a very high refractive index in terahertz
XN-0214 (2011/03/23) pdf single-layer Molybdenite transistor
XN-0213 (2011/03/15) pdf observation of the thermal Casimir force
XN-0212 (2011/03/08) pdf data storage using tension
XN-0211 (2011/03/01) pdf nanoparticles boost thermoelectric efficiency

XN-0210 (2011/02/22) pdf holographic video comes up to speed
XN-0209 (2011/02/15) pdf a two dimensional sound cloak
XN-0208 (2011/02/08) pdf Crab Nebula is no longer a standard candle
XN-0207 (2011/02/01) pdf Kepler bags first rocky exoplanet
XN-0206 (2011/01/25) pdf a massive black hole in the center of a dwarf galaxy
XN-0205 (2011/01/18) pdf biscrolling nanotube sheets and functional guests into yarns
XN-0204 (2011/01/12) pdf macroscopic invisible cloak for visible light
XN-0203 (2011/01/05) pdf nanotube rubber stays stretchy at extreme 

Physics news, 2010                                        back to mamwad

XN-0202 (2010/12/28) pdf graphene-based supercapacitor with an ultrahigh energy density
XN-0201 (2010/12/21) pdf trapped antihydrogen

XN-0200 (2010/12/14) pdf giant Faraday rotation in graphene
XN-0199 (2010/12/08) pdf a graphene nanoribbon memory cell
XN-0198 (2010/12/01) pdf a two-solar-mass neutron star
XN-0197 (2010/11/24) pdf Earth-sized planets may be more common than we thought
XN-0196 (2010/11/17) pdf flexible LEDs
XN-0195 (2010/11/10) pdf asteroid crash would devastate ozone layer
XN-0194 (2010/11/03) pdf building nanometer single crystals with epitaxy
XN-0193 (2010/10/27) pdf Nobel prize in chemistry for palladium-catalyzed cross couplings
XN-0192 (2010/10/20) pdf graphene pioneers bag Nobel prize
XN-0191 (2010/10/14) pdf optical clocks and relativity

XN-0190 (2010/10/06) pdf graphene double-layer capacitor
XN-0189 (2010/09/29) pdf graphene transistor beats speed records
XN-0188 (2010/09/22) pdf Solar system older than we thought
XN-0187 (2010/09/15) pdf optical pacing of the embryonic heart
XN-0186 (2010/09/08) pdf Dirac's birthday medal awarded to weak-force pioneers
XN-0185 (2010/09/01) pdf strain induced pseudo magnetic field in graphene
XN-0184 (2010/08/25) pdf new limits on Higgs mass
XN-0183 (2010/08/17) pdf short-term effects of gamma ray bursts on oceanic photosynthesis
XN-0182 (2010/08/11) pdf ruling out higher order interferences in quantum mechanics
XN-0181 (2010/08/03) pdf fabrication of smooth graphene nanoribbons

XN-0180 (2010/07/27) pdf the size of proton
XN-0179 (2010/07/21) pdf light-driven nanoscale motors
XN-0178 (2010/07/15) pdf Edward Witten wins Newton medal
XN-0177 (2010/07/07) pdf hot-electron transfer from semiconductor nanocrystals
XN-0176 (2010/06/30) pdf new radioisotopes at RIKEN
XN-0175 (2010/06/23) pdf nanoscale tunable reduction of graphene oxide
XN-0174 (2010/06/16) pdf a short-lived doubly magic isotope of tin
XN-0173 (2010/06/09) pdf the electric charge of the volcanic plume
XN-0172 (2010/06/02) pdf measurement of the instantaneous velocity of a Brownian particle
XN-0171 (2010/05/27) pdf warming of the global ocean

XN-0170 (2010/05/20) pdf electrons push atoms
XN-0169 (2010/05/12) pdf higher packing with tetrahedra
XN-0168 (2010/04/29) pdf element 117 synthesized
XN-0167 (2010/04/28) pdf precise determination of the Strange quark mass
XN-0166 (2010/04/21) pdf high thermal conductivity of graphene
XN-0165 (2010/04/15) pdf tiny water desalination device
XN-0164 (2010/04/07) pdf CERN achieves 7 TeV collisions at Large Hadron Collider
XN-0163 (2010/03/31) pdf observing quantum superposition in a macroscopic object
XN-0162 (2010/03/25) pdf chemically driven thermopower waves
XN-0161 (2010/03/18) pdf speed record with an avalanche photodetector

XN-0160 (2010/03/11) pdf superconductivity in a doped hydrocarbon
XN-0159 (2010/03/04) pdf tuning the dimensionality of a heavy Fermion compound
XN-0158 (2010/02/24) pdf a precision measurement of the gravitational redshift
XN-0157 (2010/02/18) pdf new optical clock breaks accuracy record
XN-0156 (2010/02/11) pdf graphene transistors in 100 GHz
XN-0155 (2010/02/04) pdf forecasting more intense storms
XN-0154 (2010/01/28) pdf supersonic air flow due to solid-liquid impact
XN-0153 (2010/01/22) pdf exoplanet's atmosphere is laid bare
XN-0152 (2010/01/14) pdf quantum simulation of zitterbewegung
XN-0151 (2010/01/08) pdf the first five exoplanets discovered by Kepler

XN-0150 (2010/01/01) pdf an unusually fast-evolving supernova

Physics news, 2009                                        back to mamwad

XN-0149 (2009/12/24) pdf a super-Earth transiting a nearby low-mass star
XN-0148 (2009/12/18) pdf improved solar cells, using thin films
XN-0147 (2009/12/10) pdf stirring by swimming bodies
XN-0146 (2009/12/04) pdf hanging droplets feel more friction
XN-0145 (2009/11/27) pdf creation of spin polarization in silicon at room temperature
XN-0144 (2009/11/26) pdf LHC speeds towards collisions
XN-0143 (2009/11/18) pdf holes in very thin films block light
XN-0142 (2009/11/13) pdf molecular currents
XN-0141 (2009/11/06) pdf a universal law to describe characteristic temperatures of matter in nanoscale

XN-0140 (2009/10/30) pdf quantum algorithm for linear systems of equations
XN-0139 (2009/10/29) pdf mechanical power from bacteria
XN-0138 (2009/10/22) pdf imaging molecules using stimulated emission microscopy
XN-0137 (2009/10/16) pdf discovery of the largest gravitationally lensed images yet
XN-0136 (2009/10/07) pdf optics pioneers scoop Nobel prize
XN-0135 (2009/10/02) pdf highly sensitive mass measurement, using graphene
XN-0134 (2009/09/24) pdf acoustic diode
XN-0133 (2009/09/15) pdf verification of the isotropy of light propagation, with unprecedented accuracy
XN-0132 (2009/09/11) pdf ultra-strong Velcro-like fastener
XN-0131 (2009/09/04) pdf Milky Way in line for merger

XN-0130 (2009/08/28) pdf resolving the chemical structure using atomic force microscopy
XN-0129 (2009/08/21) pdf producing tiny inorganic LEDs in bulk
XN-0128 (2009/08/14) pdf nuclei cooperate to produce single particle
XN-0127 (2009/08/07) pdf enhanced radiation in nano scale
XN-0126 (2009/07/28) pdf nanoscale light source with tunable colour
XN-0125 (2009/07/24) pdf clouds positive feedback in global warming
XN-0124 (2009/07/17) pdf jets with focused surface vibrations
XN-0123 (2009/07/11) pdf mix master magnets
XN-0122 (2009/07/03) pdf Alan Guth bags Isaac Newton medal
XN-0121 (2009/06/26) pdf electric slide for the protein

XN-0120 (2009/06/19) pdf aerosol cooling overestimated, says new study
XN-0119 (2009/06/12) pdf tuning the gap in graphene
XN-0118 (2009/06/05) pdf superconductivity at the two-dimensional limit
XN-0117 (2009/05/29) pdf reducing the coercive field, with laser
XN-0116 (2009/05/22) pdf mountains on neutron stars
XN-0115 (2009/05/11) pdf large graphene samples and carbon electronics
XN-0114 (2009/05/08) pdf worldwide quantum security
XN-0113 (2009/05/01) pdf atomic gravitymeter
XN-0112 (2009/04/24) pdf metals toughen spider's silk
XN-0111 (2009/04/17) pdf superionic Buckyball crystal

XN-0110 (2009/04/10) pdf lasers provide antimatter bonanza
XN-0109 (2009/04/04) pdf collision with coefficient of restitution larger than one
XN-0108 (2009/03/27) pdf nanotube muscles
XN-0107 (2009/03/18) pdf gravity probe blasts off
XN-0106 (2009/03/13) pdf rapidly charging and discharging battery
XN-0105 (2009/03/06) pdf exact measurement of pulsar, and test of general relativity
XN-0104 (2009/02/26) pdf spacing of sand dunes and the depth of the atmospheric boundary layer
XN-0103 (2009/02/20) pdf oxide nanoelectronics on demand
XN-0102 (2009/02/13) pdf new light on moon's far side
XN-0101 (2009/02/05) pdf astronomers find 'super Earth'

XN-0100 (2009/01/30) pdf are iron-arsenide superconductors isotropic?
XN-0099 (2009/01/23) pdf discrete states of a molecule in a cage
XN-0098 (2009/01/16) pdf how massive stars form
XN-0097 (2009/01/09) pdf repulsive Casimir effect
XN-0096 (2009/01/07) pdf graphene transistor speeds up
XN-0095 (2009/01/02) pdf detection of a star before it dies as a supernova

Physics news, 2008                                        back to mamwad

XN-0094 (2008/12/26) pdf one-way waves
XN-0093 (2008/12/19) pdf outgoing light bends glass
XN-0092 (2008/12/11) pdf water confirmed on distant planet
XN-0091 (2008/12/05) pdf a paper memory transistor

XN-0090 (2008/11/28) pdf basic constraints on anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide?
XN-0089 (2008/11/21) pdf determination of light hadron masses
XN-0088 (2008/11/14) pdf first direct images of exoplanets
XN-0087 (2008/11/13) pdf electric power through bending wire
XN-0086 (2008/11/05) pdf the effect of electron spin on chirality
XN-0085 (2008/10/30) pdf the effect of Solar activity on the flow of rivers
XN-0084 (2008/10/23) pdf IBEX and Chandryaan blast off
XN-0083 (2008/10/14) pdf high-temperature interface superconductivity
XN-0082 (2008/10/10) pdf more adhesive than gecko feet
XN-0081 (2008/10/07) pdf particle physicists pick up Nobel Prize

XN-0080 (2008/10/02) pdf NMR reaches the nanoscale
XN-0079 (2008/09/26) pdf strong upper limits on sterile neutrino warm dark matter
XN-0078 (2008/09/19) pdf a quantum gas of polar molecules
XN-0077 (2008/09/11) pdf successful startup for LHC
XN-0076 (2008/09/03) pdf graphene pioneers bag Europhysics prize
XN-0075 (2008/08/27) pdf National Medal of Science for David Wineland
XN-0074 (2008/08/22) pdf fast magnetic memories
XN-0073 (2008/08/22) pdf star formation around supermassive black holes
XN-0072 (2008/08/15) pdf LHC sees first protons
XN-0071 (2008/08/08) pdf colossal carbon tubes

XN-0070 (2008/08/08) pdf CERN reveals early September start-up date for LHC
XN-0069 (2008/08/01) pdf narrowing laser using plasmons
XN-0068 (2008/07/23) pdf nanomechanical mass measurement
XN-0067 (2008/07/18) pdf graphene has record-breaking strength
XN-0066 (2008/07/16) pdf observation of the bottomonium ground state
XN-0065 (2008/07/09) pdf do cosmic rays get bogged down in the cosmos?
XN-0064 (2008/07/04) pdf 33 years later, NASA finds Mercury to be even more active
XN-0063 (2008/06/27) pdf very-high-energy gamma rays from a distant quasar
XN-0062 (2008/06/26) pdf direct observation of a local structural mechanism for dynamic arrest
XN-0061 (2008/06/20) pdf combination technique shows the strain

XN-0060 (2008/06/11) pdf GLAST blasts off in search of gamma rays
XN-0059 (2008/06/09) pdf fastest supercomputer overtaken by Roadrunner
XN-0058 (2008/06/06) pdf multipartite entanglement among single spins in diamond
XN-0057 (2008/05/30) pdf random packing
XN-0056 (2008/05/28) pdf terahertz laser at room temperature
XN-0055 (2008/05/28) pdf Phoenix landed on Mars
XN-0054 (2008/05/22) pdf an extremely luminous X-ray outburst at the birth of a supernova
XN-0053 (2008/05/12) pdf quantized conductance seen in graphene
XN-0052 (2008/05/09) pdf probing a Bose-Einstein condensate with an atom laser
XN-0051 (2008/05/02) pdf improving thermoelectrics by powdering and pressing

XN-0050 (2008/04/25) pdf sign change of Poisson's ratio for carbon nanotube sheets
XN-0049 (2008/04/24) pdf phonons fail to explain high-temperature superconductivity
XN-0048 (2008/04/18) pdf transistor with graphene quantum dot
XN-0047 (2008/04/17) pdf a massive binary black-hole system
XN-0046 (2008/04/12) pdf prototype gravitational-wave detector uses squeezed light
XN-0045 (2008/04/11) pdf gate-variable optical transitions in graphene
XN-0044 (2008/04/02) pdf physicists discover the 'superinsulator'
XN-0043 (2008/04/01) pdf physicists find new material for storing hydrogen
XN-0042 (2008/03/28) pdf LHC set for July start up
XN-0041 (2008/03/27) pdf putting a new spin on nanotubes

XN-0040 (2008/03/20) pdf iron-based high-Tc superconductor is a first
XN-0039 (2008/03/19) pdf Arthur C Clarke dies at 90
XN-0038 (2008/03/12) pdf free-electron laser benefits from 'seed' light
XN-0037 (2008/03/12) pdf WMAP gives thumbs-up to cosmological model
XN-0036 (2008/03/11) pdf new optical clock promises increased accuracy
XN-0035 (2008/03/05) pdf gravity-test constrains new forces
XN-0034 (2008/02/29) pdf a graded improvement
XN-0033 (2008/02/28) pdf glassy metals are tougher than steel
XN-0032 (2008/02/28) pdf graphene continues to amaze
XN-0031 (2008/02/27) pdf feeling the force on a single atom

XN-0030 (2008/02/20) pdf researchers create `self-healing' rubber
XN-0029 (2008/02/20) pdf optical lattice beats atomic-clock accuracy
XN-0028 (2008/02/15) pdf siblings of Jupiter and Saturn discovered
XN-0027 (2008/02/12) pdf seeing the hidden fresco
XN-0026 (2008/02/08) pdf light amid disorder
XN-0025 (2008/02/08) pdf sounding out Earth's core
XN-0024 (2008/02/08) pdf spin Hall effect of light
XN-0023 (2008/02/08) pdf Columbus module heads to the space station
XN-0022 (2008/02/08) pdf cooled material stretches beyond belief
XN-0021 (2008/02/08) pdf putting the squeeze on quantum noise

XN-0020 (2008/02/06) pdf physicists get to the bottom of volcano hotspots
XN-0019 (2008/01/31) pdf rising ocean temperatures boost hurricanes, says study
XN-0018 (2008/01/31) pdf galaxy distortions shed light on cosmic acceleration
XN-0017 (2008/01/30) pdf two-species Fermi mixture is a first
XN-0016 (2008/01/25) pdf short-wavelength photonics
XN-0015 (2008/01/24) pdf solitons underpin new laser
XN-0014 (2008/01/24) pdf nanotubes are the new black
XN-0013 (2008/01/22) pdf graphene breaks speed record
XN-0012 (2008/01/19) pdf string theorists and astrophysicist share Crafoord Prize
XN-0011 (2008/01/18) pdf shockingly hot

XN-0010 (2008/01/17) pdf cloak of silence design is unveiled
XN-0009 (2008/01/16) pdf nanowires convert heat to electricity
XN-0008 (2008/01/11) pdf how to walk on water
XN-0007 (2008/01/11) pdf dwarf galaxy puzzles
XN-0006 (2008/01/11) pdf exotic superconductors in magnetic field
XN-0005 (2008/01/10) pdf Casimir effect goes classical
XN-0004 (2008/01/09) pdf BEC goes with the flow
XN-0003 (2008/01/09) pdf research funding should reward unpredictability
XN-0002 (2008/01/05) pdf spin ice could contain magnetic monopoles
XN-0001 (2008/01/04) pdf two speeds at once